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Irrigation Warehouse Group Pty Ltd

Clamps > Hi Torque

83 - 105mm Norma "Hi-Torque" Heavy Duty W4 All Stainless Steel Clamp - Worm Drive



83 - 105mm Norma "Hi-Torque" Heavy Duty W4 All Stainless Steel Clamp - Worm Drive

83 - 105mm clamping range.   These are our Norma heavy duty "Normaclamp HD" W4 high torque worm drive clamps that are manufactured completely from 304 grade stainless steel so they will not rust.   16mmm wide band with an extended band liner so that the hose cannot extrude through the slots makes this style of clamp perfect for heavy duty hose clamping.  

NORMACLAMP® HD High Torque Worm Drive Clamp 

The NORMACLAMP® HD is a high strength worm drive hose clamp completely made of stainless steel. It is the most powerful hose clamp within the NORMA® product range and is therefore ideally suited for heavy duty and high pressure applications where high tightening forces and high contact pressures are required.

The extended band prevents the hose from protruding and being damaged. The design has a recommended tightening torque of 17.00 Nm - about twice that of a conventional worm drive hose clamp.

A major feature is the one piece extended band liner to protect the hose from damage caused by extrusion and shearing of the hose through the worm drive slots. An advantage over other heavy duty bolt clamps is the wide clamping range - approx. 20mm for each clamp.

Robust construction = delivering high torque.

8mm hex-head screw.

16mm bandwidth.

Extended band liner to protect the hose from damage caused by extrusion.

All stainless steel (1.4301 / AISI 304).

Material grade:

  • W4: Band, Screw & Housing: Stainless Steel throughout (1.4301/AISI 304)