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RollcarT-V2 Travelling Irrigator with 80m of 25mm Hose and 160m S/Steel Cable



RollcarT-V2 Travelling Irrigator with 80m of 25mm Hose and 160m S/Steel Cable

We supply the RollcarT-V in 3 configurations:

RollcarT-V2 is supplied with:

  • Perrot ZE30 full circle brass sprinkler with 7mm nozzle,
  • 80m of 25mm layflat hose,
  • aluminium camlock fittings to connect to the RollcarT-V2 and the water inlet,
  • heavy duty "Norma" stainless steel hose clamps,
  • 160m of stainless steel winding cable as standard,
  • end-of-cable securing peg,
  • maintenance and operating instructions.

To download the PDF Spec Sheet for Operating Instructions - click here.

The Perrot ROLLCART-V2  travels and irrigates on its own.  Used mainly for large sized green areas, sports fields, nurseries and gardens.


1. Multiuse
The part circle sprinkler allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. For example irrigation right or left of the sprinkler cart or any sector of a circle can be achieved.

2. Variable waterflow
Through the infinite speed regulation the waterflow can be adjusted to suit each application.

3. Uniform water distribution
The precise distribution of the ZE sprinkler and the constant speed of the RollcarT-V guarantees an ideal water distribution.

4. Maintenance free
The sealed gears have a very low friction factor and are therefore practically maintenance free.

5. Convenience
The compact self contained design makes work with the RollcarT-V mere child's play.

6. Lawn friendly
Using a part circle sprinkler the RollcarT-V always travels on dry lawn.


Travelling speed
10 to 20 m/hour
Operating pressure
min. 3,5 bar at unit (300 kPa or 45 psi)
Flow rate
3,0 m/h (50 L/Min)
Width of irrigation
28 - 36 m
Length of irrigation
50-120m V1, 80-160m V2, 100-220m V3
Alu, brass, plastic
Overall measurements
77 x 47 x 40 cm
Total weight
33,0 kg plus hose
Hose (RollcarT-V1) Size 1, length 50 m
Hose (RollcarT-V2) Size 1, length 80 m
Hose (RollcarT-V3 Size 1, length 100 m
Automatic water shut off at the end of run Yes - all models
Sprinkler ZE 30 W, nozzle 7 mm
Casting range (sprinkler throw radius) 19 m at 4 bar at the sprinkler
Precipitation density 6,5 - 9 l/m , according to the speed

To download the PDF Spec Sheet for Operating Instructions - click here.


  rollcart1.jpg      rollcart2.jpg  

   OlympicGames.jpg     ROLLCART-V_OBEN_TOP.jpg


.View showing the Turbine and the optional part circle sprinkler and stainless steel cable as supplied on the RollcarT-V2/V3 with the cover removed.