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Irrigation Warehouse Group Pty Ltd


Total Control 24 Valve Controller - Outdoor Commercial



Total Control 24 Valve Controller - Outdoor Commercial

The 24 valve Total Control includes a pump start, 4 programs with water budgeting and comes in a weather proof enclosure with an inbuilt transformer.   Simply plug the unit into a standard 3 pin electricity supply and your up and running.

Total Control® Series
6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 stations
Designed for commercial, light commercial and residential use, this innovative hybrid controller offers maximum programming flexibility to handle a wide variety of sophisticated watering requirements in an easy-to-use format. Plus, its modular design ensures convenient remote programming.

TC-24EX-B-50A   (Suitable for up to 24 irrigation valves plus a master valve/pump start)
Four independent programs offer concurrent operation capability
Seven-day calendar, odd/even day or day interval options of 1-30 days
User friendly, 10-position programming dial and large, easy-to-read display
Excluded day option, when used with the odd/even day option, allows selection of specific day(s) not to water
365-day clock/calendar for odd/even day programming
Start time stacking within each program
Programmable master valve On/Off per program
Water budgeting
Programmable "Rain Off" up to seven days
Automatic, semi-automatic, manual and timed-manual operations
Modular design allows easy removal of control module with out disturbing valve wiring
Self-diagnostic circuit breaker identifies and overrides an electrical malfunction of a valve
Non-volatile memory holds program through power failures lasting up to 10 years
Battery backup keeps accurate time for up to 90 days during power failure
Valve test terminal for easy valve identification
Sensor hook up with sensor override switch on terminal board
Weather-resistant plastic, locking cabinet with an internal transformer
UL and CSA listed (6-, 9-, 12-, 15-, and 18-station models)
UL and CUL listed (24-station model)

Operating Specifications
Station run times: 1 minute to 10 hours in 1-minute increments
Start times: 16 total starts assignable to any program
Watering schedule: 7-day calendar, odd/even day or interval option of 1-30 days
Water budgeting; 10-200% per program in 10% increments

Electrical Specifications   (Australian Approval Certificate)

Electronic circuit breaker: 1.25 amps minimum holding
Maximum output per station: 24 VAC, .5 amp
Maximum output to valves: 24 VAC, 1.25 amps (including master valve)
Battery backup: 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)
Transformer input : 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Transformer output: 24 VAC, 1.67 amps

Height: 216mm x  Width 267mm x  Depth 127mm